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Lighter repairs

If it's a lighter, chances are it will break. Lighter repair service is available for the Dunhill, Dupont, Colibri and Corona  brands.  Not much can be done for worn out finishes on any lighter. 

Many lighter problems may be resolved, saving your lighter a trip to the doctor.  Please check out the troubleshooting guide on the Colibri website. 


If you require work on your lighter we recommend sending it to:

ZIPPOŽ lighters :

Zippo Repair Clinic
1932 Zippo Drive
Bradford, PA 16701 USA
(814) 368-2700

Make sure your lighter isn't just out of flint, fluid, or wick before sending it in for repair.  Please remove flint and inner mechanism before sending.  Allow the fluid to completely evaporate for two or three days.  Wrap well and insure it if you like.  Make sure to include name and address both on the outside of the package and on a piece of paper on the inside with the lighter.

Colibri CST Enterprises LLC
25 Fairmount Avenue
East Providence, RI  02914

(enclose $6.00 check and proof of purchase)

East Coast Dunhill Repair Service :

Authorized Repair Service
3450 Ashville Hwy.
Lower Level
Hendersonville, NC  28791

TEL: (828) 693-3212

Contact : Richard Weinstein

Corona lighters :  

Savinelli Pipe Inc.
1002 Morrisville Parkway
Morrisville, NC 27560

Pipe repair

Our pipe repairman is great.  He has many different styles of acrylic and vulcanite stems available, and a varying supply of different banding materials.  He will buff and shine, and ream and clean.  He will do some insignia impersonations and has been known to perform a miracle or two.   However, the cost of shipping back and forth can add up.  In the case of less expensive pipes, it may not be worth the cost.  Please check with your local tobacconist to see if repair services are available.  If repair services are not available please contact us for details before sending your pipes to us for repair.

The Tobacco Shop
121 W. Township, #21
Fayetteville, AR  72703
(479) 444-8311

Contact us

ZIPPOŽ is a registered trademark of Zippo Manufacturing Co., Bradford, PA USA.

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