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McClelland Tobacco Company manufactures some of the finest pipe tobacco ever produced.  McClelland's Matured Virginia and Oriental Mixture lines are made of the highest grade of leaf and strip tobaccos because of their richness and inherent sweetness.   In the tradition of the great tobacco houses of England and Scotland nearly a century ago, the tobaccos are carefully aged to mellow and develop it's naturally rich depth of flavor, color and aroma.

By varying the amounts and types of leaf used, from the richer, fuller flavored reds of the Piedmont area to the light, subtly zesty lemons of the Eastern Belt,  and by changing the style and length of blending and aging processes, McClelland  has created the wide range of flavors and aromas present in their Matured Virginia.

Oriental Mixtures owe their distinctive aromas, flavors and softness to the skillful blending and meticulous seasoning of the finest Virginian and Oriental tobacco.  Virginias provide the underlying sweetness and zest, while the Oriental gives them their nutty rich, spicy flavor.

The true connoisseur will appreciate the distinct character, consistent quality and purity of these wonderful and diverse lines of Virginia flakes and traditional mixtures.

In addition, we carry other premium quality blends including Esoterica Tobacciana, Butera Royal Vintage, CAO, Dunhill and more.  Many fine English Mixtures and Matured Virginia pipe tobaccos are available in bulk.


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