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This mild blend of Black Cavendish and Burley with a touch of vanilla and honey has a light flavor and aroma. It is an exceptionally smooth smoke which makes it an excellent choice for the new pipe smoker.

Black Knight

Smooth and rich, yet mild and sweet with a pleasent vanilla taste and aroma.


Rich butterscotch flavor and aroma

Captains Choice

An exceptionally light blend of Black Cavendish, Burley and Golden Virginia enhanced with an Irish Cream casing for a delightful flavor and enticing aroma.

Chocolate Cream


An interesting mixture of light and dark Cavendish with a delightful rum and vanilla flavor.


This unusual Black Cavendish with a rich vanilla flavor and aroma, is the most popular blend of this type in the world.

Columbian Mocha

This smooth, medium bodied mixture of Black Cavendish and Virginias is enhanced by the rich fragrance of dark chocolate and Colombian coffee.

North Ridge

This mild blend of Black Cavendish and Burley has been topped with a lightly sweet nougat flavor imported from France. It has an excellent taste, fine aroma and good smoking qualities.

Peaches & Cream

A technological breakthrough! This is the first fruit flavored pipe tobacco on the market that actually tastes like it smells. A black and bright combination which has a tangy citrus taste and a sweet, pleasant aroma.

Royal Cavendish

A blend of four unusual black fire-cured tobaccos with some Golden Virginia that has been cased with a delightfully sweet, yet complex casing of cherry, chocolate, and more.


Aroma was the paramount consideration in this blend of Golden Cavendish tobacco. Everyone within smelling distance will love it's light creamy, sweet fragrance.

Woodlands Mixture

Blended with just the right proportion of Golden Virginia, Toasted Cavendish and Burley, this basic blend of tobaccos takes on a zesty dimension. This is another mixture that gets better as you smoke it all day long.

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