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Vintage Series

The addition of Jamaican leaf and extended aging of these cigars add an extra margin of smoothness.  Very light, and delicate flavors. 

The History

In an occasional year, a Macanudo harvest of Connecticut Shade tobacco includes a small quantity of extraordinary leaves. Since such leaves surpass the highest premium standards, they are set aside to be cured and aged for super-premium Macanudo Vintage Cabinet Selections. Since 1971, a vintage quality harvest has occured in only the years 1979, 1984, 1988 and 1993.

The Cigar 

A Macanudo Vintage Cabinet Selection cigar is the ultimate in mellowness and smoothness in two distinct ways. First, the wrapper is the rarest of all Connecticut Shade tobacco leaves. Second, all of the tobaccos used in crafting these extraordinary cigars are aged more gradually than any others.

To set them apart in yet another way, each of the cigars displays two bands one to identify the cigar as Macanudo Vintage Cabinet Selection and the other to designate the year of the Vintage-quality harvest.

As one would expect, the cigars grow in value as they age and become more and more scarce. Since a 1979 Macanudo Vintage cigar is older and rarer than a 1993, for example, the differences are reflected in their separate prices.

Shape Length R.G. Shade
I 7 1/2 49 CM
II 6 1/2 43 CM
III 5 1/2 43 CM
IV 4 1/2 47 CM
V 5 1/2 49 CM
VII 7 1/2 38 CM
VIII 5 1/2 50 CM
XX 7 47 CM

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